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End User Training

Welcome to the FOUNDATIONTM Certified Training Program (FCTP) page. Select a school from the map at the bottom, find a student below, or read more to better understand the benefits of the FCTP.

As adoption of FOUNDATION technology expands throughout the process industries, there is a corresponding need to train plant personnel on the use of this advanced control solution. Fieldbus Foundation-certified training, with centers located around the world, offers workshops that every end user should attend.


Search Student Registry

Search our student registry to find graduates who have completed one, two or all three of our certifications in FOUNDATIONTM-based automation infrastructure.


FCTP means that your fieldbus training is taught at a Certified Training Site, by a Certified Instructor, using Certified Curriculum.  Through the FCTP program training sites, curriculum, and instructors are all audited to ensure they meet program requirements. Certified training centers are required to maintain multiple FOUNDATION fieldbus hosts and devices onsite in order to demonstrate competence with fieldbus technology. They must also demonstrate to auditors that their course material adheres to set instructional standards. FOUNDATION Certified Training Program participating universities are denoted by the use of our official FCTP gray circular logo.


The program currently offers four certifications.  Any certified trainer can teach all of these certifications. 

  • The FOUNDATION Certified Professional certificate is geared towards engineers, designers, main instrumentation controls contractor, and startup and commissioning specialists wanting to increase their knowledge base of design, planning, and implementation of FOUNDATION systems.
  • The FOUNDATION Certified Support Specialist certificate is appropriate for sales professionals, end user management, and plant operating staff wanting to be knowledgeable enough to communicate intelligently about FOUNDATION technology.
  • The FOUNDATION Certified Technical Specialist certificate is designed for maintenance technicians, supervisors, and contract service support specialists who install, maintain, repair/replace and troubleshoot FOUNDATION systems.
  • The FOUNDATION Certified Physical Layer Installer certificate is intended for electricians, wireman, contractors, instrument mechanics, quality assurance/inspectors, maintenance technicians, engineers/integrators, startup and commissioning specialists and designers who will be installing fieldbus phsyical layer components. 


Prior to the start of the FCTP, there were several training sites that were acknowledged by the Fieldbus Foundation as highly qualified training centers and they partnered with the Fieldbus Foundation to provide quality end-user training. These partnerships led to the creation of the certified training program we have today, and curriculum requirements for the FCTP grew from the programs already being offered. Students of these training partner sites (prior to certification under the FCTP) are listed in this registry as “Legacy Students”.


FCTP ensures that you are working with someone possessing a strong knowledge of Foundation technology principles; a consistent understanding of fieldbus fundamentals and a proven ability to implement fieldbus-based control systems.  Beginning automation students are able to identify colleges, universities and other facilities offering a certified Foundation educational curriculum. After graduating, they will be able to present official FCTP certificates to potential employers.  Existing automation professionals completing certified courses can expand their job skills and employment value within their companies. 

For answers to some of the frequently asked questions, please read our brief FAQ on the FOUNDATION Certified Training Program. pdf FCTP Frequently Asked Questions

FCTP Whitepaper FCTP FAQ
 foundation_certified_training_program_whitepaper  FCTP Frequently Asked Questions



Choose any of our Certified Training partners linked along the top of this page or below on the map...

**(please note, during this transition phase not all FCTPs are linked on the map below. Use menu bar at the top of the page for full listings)**


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